Hi, I’m Poto. I’m a small business owner and internet marketer. Mostly I develop and promote websites for a living. I’m also a Buddhist.

This here is just my personal blog, nothing fancy to it. Eventually I plan to quit doing marketing and get more involved with Buddhist non-profit and charity work. I’d like a chance to do some good and maybe help fix a few things…

As for my practice and personal history in Buddhism. My first brush with Buddhism came when I was around 11 or 12 years old, when I picked up a book on Zen Buddhism. I read it cover to cover and put it back down. At the time Zen philosophy and techniques did not appeal to me one bit, and really pushed me away from Buddhism for many years to come. I now know and understand the truths of Zen, and in fact it is a very valid system leading to inner peace and enlightenment for many people. I am not wishing to disparage Zen in any way as I have the utmost respect and admiration for Zen practitioners. However, at the time Zen’s methods of sitting and staring at a wall did not appeal to my young mind in the least. I needed something far more intense and involving for my practice.

It was almost a decade before I rediscovered Buddhism. For most of my teenage years I spent studying mystical arts and esoteric practices. At that time I largely avoided organized religions and their associated dogma.

During my early 20’s my studies brought me full circle, back to Buddhism. However, this time it was Tibetan Buddhism that caught my eye. After all that intensive study, meditation and practice of various systems like Yoga, Pranayama, Tai Chi and Qi Gong among others, I had developed a small awareness of truth and Buddhist philosophy began to resound deeply with me. The mystical language and tantric methods of Tibetan Buddhism were well suited to my understanding due to those years of practice and study of the mystical arts were key in helping further open my mind. It was then that I realized Buddhism contained the truths that I was looking for all along, and many of the realizations I had come to independently were also reflected in Buddhist philosophy.

So, I began to focus more and more on Buddhist meditation and study of Buddhist philosophy. I engaged in some ascetic practices and meditations quite heavily, the details of which is probably not wise to disclose publicly. To this day I still do lean towards the ascetic yogic practices, although I realize that path should not be attempted by most people, especially without guidance from an experienced master.

After a while I drifted away from Tibetan Buddhism and began exploring Theravada more. Over the years I had often thought about jetting off to Thailand and spending some time living as a monk there, but I haven’t yet followed through with it.

If you want to know more about me, feel free to ask me yourself. 😉