Still alive and kicking

Posted by poto | Posted in Random Stuff | Posted on 16-07-2011

Yep, I’m still alive. I’ve had some medical problems lately, but I’m recovering now. One thing that those near-death experiences seem to do to me is knock me out of my complacency and give me a renewed zeal for living my life to the fullest.

I’ve shut down most of my old websites. A lot of those sites in my old network had been dieing a slow death from neglect for a long long time now. It’s long past time that I take things in a new direction and with a new business model.

I’ve decided to get into gaming. Previously I’ve only played around with one or two arcade games sites, and that was more for a fun little hobby than anything serious. I really enjoyed it, so now I’ve decided I’m going to try my hand at building a network of gaming sites and see how that goes. I don’t expect to make huge amounts of money at it, but hey, as long as you love what you do that should count for something.