E-Sangha got hacked

Posted by poto | Posted in Random Stuff | Posted on 20-10-2009

Looks like the largest Buddhist forum got hacked, badly. 🙁 E-Sangha’s forum has been down for several days now, but hopefully they’ll get it restored soon.

The owner of E-Sangha left this message looking for security minded peeps to help fix the mess:

We need your help to restore E-Sangha site. Any member who are expert in security, php and mysql database, please do email me at esangha@gmail.com Iframes and scripts are being inserted into our 3 sites and I am at a loss of how to prevent it.

Anybody who might be reading this and thinks they can help with this problem is encouraged to contact him.

UPDATE: Looks like E-Sangha is gone for good. Here’s a few other Buddhist forums that one might want to take refuge in:
Dhamma Wheel
Free Sangha
New Buddhist Forum

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