lucky quarters

Posted by poto | Posted in Random Stuff | Posted on 31-12-2008

A few months ago my grandfather died. Despite having over a million dollars in real estate and a coin collection worth hundreds of thousands, he wasn’t very generous to me. Being the only grandson and the only descendant of his to have any interests in coin collecting, I though I might get a piece of that coin collection. However, he left me a sack of ordinary post-1965 quarters worth about $125, no silver coins, nothing worth more than face value. Nothing worth keeping at all. Nothing of sentimental value was passed on to me, which was what disappointed me the most. But I’m not bitter, at least not anymore…

Yesterday I said screw it and took that sack of quarters to a casino. It was my first time going to a casino. I figured if I lost it all I could at least make a joke out of it and say I gambled away my inheritance, luckily I won $177 on the slots. So, I managed to more than double my inheritance in less than 10 minutes.

Thanks for the lucky quarters gramps 😉

my dog

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She’s a hybrid Timberwolf German Shepard. 75% Timberwolf and 25% Shepard to be exact. Below the pics is the story of how I came to be her owner.

When I was younger I’d always wanted a pet wolf, though I could never bring myself to buy one, as there are so many dogs at the animal shelters that need homes. Anyway, here’s the story of how I came to be her owner.

About 5 or 6 years ago (memory is kinda fuzzy) I found a stay puppy wondering the street. Having a soft spot for strays, I took the puppy in. The next day this strange old Indian dude (Native American kind of Indian) who turned out to be the breeder tracked me down, and after talking to him for a while he asked me to keep the puppy for a few days. Turns out the breeder had given that puppy to his brother’s family a few days earlier and one of their kids had accidentally let it out. He asked me to keep the puppy for a few days to sort of punish the kids for letting it out, which was cool with me.

When I went to return the puppy, the strange old Indian dude wanted to thank me for taking care of it. He offered me a choice of either a deer skin or another puppy from the same litter. Having no need for a deer skin and having always wanted a wolf-dog I naturally picked the puppy.

She was the runt of the littler, but she’s been a fantastic dog and is in fact the smartest dog I’ve ever had. Sometimes she howls like a wolf too, which always makes me smile.

my personal blog

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ok ok… I’ve finally broken down and started a personal blog. Don’t expect much out of me though, as I’m pretty busy working and plotting world domination, so I may not post anything for weeks or months at a time.