Star Citizen PAX East Interviews and Footage

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Star Citizen had a reveal of some gameplay footage and a bunch of interviews at PAX East. Here’s some of the footage shown at the reveal:

Geekdomo interviews Erin Roberts:

Geekdomo interviews Chris Roberts:

Other notable Star Citizen PAX interviews:

Star Citizen Pre-Alpha Player Level Mod Pearl’s Playground

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Here’s the first mod for Star Citizen. Even though Star Citizen is still pre-alpha, it’s amazing to the mod community releasing things already. I’ve included install instructions from the original reddit post in the readme for the download file. Download Pearl’s Playground Mod Here. Please note that this mod works for Star Citizen Hangar Module version 11.1 and might not work in future versions.

Also, this is a very buggy pre-alpha player mod, so expect glitches and crashes. It’s still a ton of fun for those of us eagerly awaiting the official release of Star Citizen!

Star Citizen Pirate Booty Fan Video

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I took some of the objects from Star Citizen and placed them around a landed Cutlass to show a pirate surveying his loot haul after going out raiding. This is just a simple video I made for fun while messing around in the CryENGINE editor.

One of these days…

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I swear someday I’m going to actually use this blog for something.

Still alive and kicking

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Yep, I’m still alive. I’ve had some medical problems lately, but I’m recovering now. One thing that those near-death experiences seem to do to me is knock me out of my complacency and give me a renewed zeal for living my life to the fullest.

I’ve shut down most of my old websites. A lot of those sites in my old network had been dieing a slow death from neglect for a long long time now. It’s long past time that I take things in a new direction and with a new business model.

I’ve decided to get into gaming. Previously I’ve only played around with one or two arcade games sites, and that was more for a fun little hobby than anything serious. I really enjoyed it, so now I’ve decided I’m going to try my hand at building a network of gaming sites and see how that goes. I don’t expect to make huge amounts of money at it, but hey, as long as you love what you do that should count for something.

E-Sangha got hacked

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Looks like the largest Buddhist forum got hacked, badly. 🙁 E-Sangha’s forum has been down for several days now, but hopefully they’ll get it restored soon.

The owner of E-Sangha left this message looking for security minded peeps to help fix the mess:

We need your help to restore E-Sangha site. Any member who are expert in security, php and mysql database, please do email me at Iframes and scripts are being inserted into our 3 sites and I am at a loss of how to prevent it.

Anybody who might be reading this and thinks they can help with this problem is encouraged to contact him.

UPDATE: Looks like E-Sangha is gone for good. Here’s a few other Buddhist forums that one might want to take refuge in:
Dhamma Wheel
Free Sangha
New Buddhist Forum

Google Loves Poto

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Well, what can I say. Google loves me and was nice enough to spell it out for the whole world 😀

Watch the video: Google Loves Poto

Google Loves Poto

Thanks Google 😉

Fight My Brute

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So, I got a bit bored and decided to make a brute. Here he is:

Poto the Brute

If you think you’re strong enough to fight my brute then feel free to challenge me. Although, I will most likely destroy you, muuuahahahaha!!

Auto Industry Bailout

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Truth in advertising…

Auto Industry Bailout


lucky quarters

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A few months ago my grandfather died. Despite having over a million dollars in real estate and a coin collection worth hundreds of thousands, he wasn’t very generous to me. Being the only grandson and the only descendant of his to have any interests in coin collecting, I though I might get a piece of that coin collection. However, he left me a sack of ordinary post-1965 quarters worth about $125, no silver coins, nothing worth more than face value. Nothing worth keeping at all. Nothing of sentimental value was passed on to me, which was what disappointed me the most. But I’m not bitter, at least not anymore…

Yesterday I said screw it and took that sack of quarters to a casino. It was my first time going to a casino. I figured if I lost it all I could at least make a joke out of it and say I gambled away my inheritance, luckily I won $177 on the slots. So, I managed to more than double my inheritance in less than 10 minutes.

Thanks for the lucky quarters gramps 😉